All About Veganism

All About Veganism

Veganism has come a long way from being a fad followed by celebrities to a comprehensive lifestyle choice preferred by millions of people globally. At the core of it, veganism continues to be a choice people take to reduce their carbon footprint and to prevent animal cruelty. However, it has evolved to be a healthier alternative to a meat-based diet with proven benefits and with an increasing following among sportspersons and athletes.

What is a vegan diet?

A vegan diet, apart from only consisting of plant-based meals, also excludes animal products and by-products such as dairy, honey, eggs, leather, fur, silk or any cosmetic products derived from animal products. Those who follow a vegan diet often substitute animal-based food items with vegan foods like lentils, chickpeas, tofu, peanut butter, soy milk and others.

Why is veganism gaining followers around the world?

People opt to turn vegan for health and ethical reasons. The processes used in poultry, beef and dairy industries are widely known to be unethical. Therefore, a large percentage of vegans adopt this lifestyle in order to raise awareness for the cruelty in the animal rearing industry and promote a sense of humanity towards animals of all kinds.

Veganism & sustainability

The environmental benefits such as reduced carbon footprint, conservation of land and water are other big factors that influence people to become vegans. Rearing cattle and the production of animal products is a significant contributor to deforestation, water shortage and habitat loss. When compared to rearing cattle, a plant-based diet requires one-third of the land and a lot lesser water to sustain.

Veganism in pop culture

Today, veganism has begun several discussions on a global platform thanks to documentaries such as ‘The Gamechangers’. These films, talks and videos go a long way in dispelling myths and proving the environmental and health benefits of veganism. When people see their favourite celebrities come out and voice their support for the cause, it encourages them to adopt the lifestyle.

Thanks to rising awareness, the food stores and restaurants today are inundated with vegan-friendly products. So, Choose Better and begin your vegan journey today!