Eat Light and Breeze through the Summer

Eat Light and Breeze through the Summer

Summer is the season of long cold showers, watermelon juices, pulpy mangoes, lying down under the shade of the tree, and ice cream! If you hate brittle cold winters, then summer brings respite to the ones who are always under the blanket. But with summers also come horrid sweat, stinks and suntans that are harmful to the skin and health.

Keeping the body healthy from the inside has tremendous benefits that may help you survive all the negative aspects of the summer season. The primary component that strengthens your shield to combat heat is food. Yes! All the food that you intake during the summer season will have the effects accordingly. Maintaining a light & balanced diet will keep you fresh, happy and joyful the entire season.

There are various benefits of consuming light meals that consist of vegetable soup, juices, curd, sprouts, egg whites, raw fruits, salads and organic food:

  • The temperature during summer usually reaches 40+ degrees C in many cities and states. In such conditions, if you avoid heavy meals, organs and the digestive system may not have to work harder to digest the food. This way, you can keep the temperature inside of you cool. Also, you can buy organic foods and cold soups to give you energy, health and keep you fresh all day long.
  • Because you spend most of the time indoors, you tend to sit around on the couch, eat food, mostly junk and tend to gain weight faster than in any other month. Even kids spend most of their time watching TV or playing video games due to which their health gets compromised. For a better lifestyle, organic food benefits each and everyone and can be quickly made within a few minutes of preparation. These are light on the body, healthy and filled with nutrients to keep you light in the scorching heat.

  • Hydration is vital for a healthy mind and body. Snack on cucumber, squeeze lemon in water, buy organic drinks such as Yoga Jal, made from Hibiscus and Tulsi and make a light snack with tomato salsa. Consume more raw fruits and vegetables to help the body stay hydrated. The sugar content in fruits will provide you with enough energy to carry out everyday routine without you having to stress about heat or bacteria catching you.

  • Automatically, the summer season lets your body consume lesser food as compared to any other season. So if you listen to your body, you will not binge on fatty, junk & fast food that are heavy to digest and in turn, that make you feel lazy. It is easy to consume sugar-infused drinks, gorge on tubs of ice cream when the heat is dancing on your head. But if you commit yourself to consume wholesome organic food, you will remain fresh, healthy, relaxed and with energy throughout the day.

  • With increased sunlight and exposure to Sun in the summer season, the body tends to synthesise serotonin which is responsible for maintaining a balanced mood. Carbohydrates also have the same effect. That is the reason you often starve and suffer from the insatiable urge to eat more carbohydrates. But if you are in good spirits by eating healthy food, organic foods and maintaining the hydration level of your body, you may not face the hunger pangs and thus avoid indulging in processed carbs.

Organic foods, healthy foods, salads, smoothies, juices, raw vegetables and fruits are the best food options that will help you survive the intolerable heat whilst enjoying all the perks of the summer season like a day at the beach, afternoon picnic, late night movies or fun time at the playground with the kids.