Healthy Ways to Stay Hydrated This Summer

Healthy Ways to Stay Hydrated This Summer

It looks like the Sun God has unleashed his fury a wee bit early this year. It has become a mighty challenge stepping out, most us of are already seeking refuge indoors with our AC and fans. Well, staying in the cool companionship of our ACs might not happen when we are on the go. But there are many ways to ensure you remain hydrated and fresh in summers.

Factually, more that 70% of our body is water  and requires optimal hydration for overall wellbeing. However, there is no clear cut answer as to the definition of 'optimal hydration' and for the assessment of fluid status in our body.

What happens if you don't get enough hydration?

Hydration is essential to optimise blood pressures, regulate body temperature, and lubricate joints, digestion, and movement of waste out of the body.

Some of the consequences of poor hydration are extreme thirst, fatigue and muscle cramps. Extreme dehydration affects our brain as well since 73% of it is made up of water. Dehydration can also cause shrinking of brain tissue, affecting our cognitive and thinking skills. Other signs of dehydration include lightheadedness, constipation, dry mouth, and loss of appetite.

How do you know if you are dehydrated?

Before all the above symptoms commence, you can measure your level of hydration by the colour of your urine. Pale urine indicates optimum hydration while darker coloured urine is a sign of dehydration and a signal for you to consume fluids, pronto!

So, now that we understand the importance of hydration, the question is to find out some and healthy ways to increase our fluid intake and have fun doing it, this summer.

How to Stay Hydrated This Summer?

Nature has blessed us with abundant fruits and foodstuffs for us to consume directly or cook up some exciting concoctions to make a healthy drink out of it. Not only are these natural products healthy, but they are also packed with nutrition and are a wise choice than artificial fruit drinks sold in a container.

Staying hydrated need not be a tedious task, gulping down unhealthy fizzy drinks to quench thirst just adds to your calorie count. There are various stores online that offer healthy organic drinks which are fun and safe. Green Station offers healthy organic drinks in Hyderabad including herbal teas and coffee that are a refreshing which will also keep your hydration routine interesting.

Sometimes, when you think of hydration, all one assumes is guzzling down 2 litres of water, which can seem daunting and impossible. However, you can try out various tasty and healthy options for hydration like Yoga Jal which comes in 3 fabulous flavours: Healthy Hibiscus, Ginger Mint Jalwa, and Tulsi Cooler. These organic drinks are pleasant, healthy and easy on the wallet.

Apart from these fantastic drinks, you can also explore powders & supplements which are great organic options. These powders like Wheatgrass and Moringa heal and hydrate at the same time. You can buy these healthy organic drinks in Hyderabad at

Being hydrated means helping your heart pump blood through the vessels to the muscles more easily. Water is the best thing; various electrolytes, fruit juices, sugary drinks are high in added sugars and calories. They can be rigid on your stomach if you are dehydrated.

Switching over to healthy organic alternatives keeps the gut healthy and hydrated. As you experience the beauty that summer brings, remember to drink plenty of water and consume healthy fluids, fruits and vegetables to keep going strong all through summer.

Keep it cool. Keep it organic.