Indulging Responsibly: Health Bars as Energizers

Indulging Responsibly: Health Bars as Energizers

Craving for those lip-smacking brown squares? Hell yeah! Who doesn’t? We all have this soft corner for chocolates. It’s pretty darn hard to resist even a small bar of chocolate.

The second that last bite is gulped off the plate, you hunt the freezer for some dessert. It is good to binge, but sweet things are best in moderation. You will not want those sugars to coat your waistline forever. So, what’s the alternative?

Tasty on Lips. Heavy on Hips?

As per USDA sources, a standard chocolate bar (100g) contains anywhere from 32g-54g of sugar against 25g–38g of a health bar (100g serving). This qualifies for a major reason why you must quit eating sweets and desserts. Also, its excess consumption leads to obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes etc. But sadly, when cravings set in, it becomes hard to resist. So instead of giving up completely, you can always replace these sweet cravings with healthy substitutes with no added sugar to satisfy your sweet tooth.

The healthy treats, we are referring to is something that has been trending for quite a while. Yes! “Health bars”. Most of us especially the gym goers are fond of such bars.  Here we're speaking about the kind, you pack as a break time snack and not the other bar that we still love visiting occasionally. At times eating healthy can be confusing. In today’s always-on-the-run life, where grabbing a complete meal sounds a luxury, there exist these flavoursome health bars to do some favour.

A while ago, these health bars were popular only among a sizeable population of athletes. Now, the need for nutritional boost has begun to spread among others. You will find these bars stashed in every bag or briefcase. Loaded with all kinds of good stuff, these bars come as a package of proteins, vitamins & antioxidants. Have it as breakfast while commuting or evening eats to hold you until dinner or as a delicious, healthy dessert.

These pocket-size health bars generally differ in their composition of nutrients. Packed with the goodness of delicious flavours and textures, they make one superfood. Take a look at their types.

➢   Health bars are majorly loaded with ingredients that include: Almonds for proteins and crunch, dried cranberries, amla and apricot that brings in some sweet and tartness or chocolate chips making it a party.

➢   Some bars contain nuts, oats, buckwheat, dates, etc. which pump up the flavour, containing high plant fibre and antioxidants.

➢   Certain bars with ingredients like chia flax seeds, lime along with almonds are not too sweet but bring in some crunchiness & some serious Omega 3s.

➢   Then there chewy bars that constantly top your favourite pastime eats. Well, think of these healthier versions, where all the nuts, fruits and a hint of organic cocoa are suited up to entertain your sweet tooth.

These health bars are even customised to be used in making desserts for flavouring, for toppings in porridge or custards and lot more. If we think off the top of our head, these are perfect substitutes for your excessively sweet chocolate bars. Not only your cravings are kept in check but these bars provide health benefits for your overall well-being.

So what are your options? And can you get them easily?

Green Station brings in some of the healthier and organic bars to fix your sweet binge. So avoid succumbing to this risky chocolate slump and head on to some healthy yet tasty eating. For instance, take our Apple Oats Bar: the dried apples and a warm note of cinnamon will evoke the feeling of freshly baked apple pie. Blended with oats and nuts and dried fruits, this breakfast bar keeps you off from cold while on the move!

Or how about some Vanilla Nut Bar where the vanilla powder is dusted over a chewy mix of puffed brown rice, raisins, and dates to keep you filled till dinner. For such exciting & nutritious flavours, visit Green Station to shop for these tasty treats.

Add taste to your cravings and not inches to your waist.

Happy Healthy Binging!