Pressed for Health? Go for Cold Oils

Pressed for Health? Go for Cold Oils

Health and taste – just like water and oil when it comes to the oil sitting in your kitchen and beauty-regimen. They just don’t mix up so easily, right? It is hard to blame the oil here though. It is all about the way we use or abuse it and extract it.

In its original state, every seed and ingredient is a mine of health in itself. Thanks to the way we treat them and extract oil, we are left with a much weaker version of the original bounty of health. Heating and application of excessive industrial processes simply starve the oil of the lovely qualities it was packed with before it entered an assembly line. The quest for more production volume nudges oil-makers to weaken the oil further and blow away its nutrients by subjecting it to more heat. That’s why it’s time to give hardened and bad habits the cold shoulder now. With oil that is made sans heat. Yes, this is happening.


What is Cold-Pressed Oil, after all?

There are a slew of methods to produce oil if one prioritizes quality over quantity. These methods were always around but no one questioned the quality aspect and nutrient value of mainstream oils much, and this let unhealthy manufacturing ways persist for long. But now, people are waking up and asking the right questions. They are getting comfortable with the possibility of consuming oil that is made from low-heat methods.

 Extraction Process – Take a Quick Peek and Comparison with Refined Oil

Cold-pressed oil replaces heat with pressure. Instead of subjecting the nut too high temperatures, new alternatives are tried here. Thus, crushing the nut and eking out the oil by force leaves back oil that is not ripped of nutrients that erstwhile manufacturing methods could not help but lose. A range of presses and steel equipment can be used to grind, crush and extract oil from the seed. There is no or negligible pre-cooking in such cold pressing methods because no heat or friction is produced in this exercise. That is why refined oils are full of chemicals but hollow when it comes to real nutrients. Cold-pressing is quite unlike large-scale refining methods and solvent-extraction approaches. This unique process helps to retain the original flavor, nutrient value, and aroma of the oil. At the same time, cold-pressed oils are free of nefarious solvent residues, preservatives as well as chemicals such as hexane. Plus, oil’s natural properties are not tinkered with, due to unnecessary heating.

Cold-pressed Oil and Health Bounties

The very process of extraction accords a new level of quality and health-edge to these oils. They are not only rich in Vitamin E but are also brimming with anti-inflammatory and healing attributes that are way better than other oils.

 Rich presence of oleic acid equips these oils to guard against infections and bolster one’s immune system. Being unrefined readily enables these oils with characteristics that cannot be leveraged when oil is made through the usual process of heating and bleaching. These oils bolster one’s body with antioxidants strong in fighting free radicals. Their uses range from culinary wonders to beauty, cosmetic, therapeutic and even medicinal purposes. Being readily free of cholesterol and having a different metabolic predisposition expands the use of such oils for a variety of health seekers and diet control plans. These oils are popping high on the radar of dermatologists, dieticians and fitness chasers alike. They are additionally known for skin nourishment, pigmentation care and strength against dry skin.

 The presence of phytonutrients and fatty acids make them a ready kit for beauty care as well. Skin care, repair, rejuvenation, moisturization, nourishment, care against ageing, infection, and irritation – are some other outcomes of regular use of cold pressed oils. They have been found to be great friends for skin and hair too.

 So do not waste time and spoons on unhealthy versions of oil when a salutary and positive version is now easily accessible in the form of cold-pressed oil. You can find a lot of options as per your taste and choice right here.


Rub the new genie in. Today.