Top 5 Organic Food Trends to Watch Out For in 2019

Top 5 Organic Food Trends to Watch Out For in 2019

Before we dive into the organic food trends for 2019, let us take a look at some of the developments that contribute to these trends. The steady rise of healthy and sustainable food has marked its way into the mainstream food industry. Health practitioners, personal trainers, fitness enthusiasts and fitness influencers are following one or the pattern of food intake and consuming products that are proving to be physically and emotionally beneficial. The sedentary lifestyle has propelled people across the globe to opt for a life connected essentially to self-care, prioritizing food and products that are related to good nutrition and healthy lifestyle. According to the experts and surveys done in various parts of the world, the vegan fever will continue to flourish in the coming year. In 2018, “vegetarianism” (vegan and vegetarian) continued to spread among people looking for a substitute for all kinds of meals. Since 2014, the amount of vegan products has increased by 92% in the global market.

In 2019, there are a number of new and profound concepts doing the round and people are getting acquainted with a lot of new concepts in organic food that will take center stage in the coming months. Let’s look at the latest organic food trends that will be the talk of the town in 2019:


1. Plant-based Diet Innovation

The growing concern and interest of people in health, ethics, and sustainability has seen the rise of vegan products, vegetarian lifestyle and plant-based diets and will continue to grow in 2019. The plant-derived ingredients and products are seen in high demand in platforms such as plant proteins, sweeteners, non-alcoholic drinks, herbs, active botanicals, seasoning, and colouring foodstuffs. The trend of millets or shall we say the rediscovery of millets will pick up the pace in 2019 with more retail shops stocking up a variety of millets. The fact that millets can lend themselves to all the common dishes prepared in the Indian kitchen is adding momentum to its usage and is likely to continue featuring in the organic food trends for a long time to come.   

We saw the world’s first plant-based meat this year. Innovation in this field include sausages, meat, steak and chicken made of plant, dairy products, and other tailor-made specialities which are made up of mixtures of pea protein isolates, yeast, and other ingredients.  


2. Gut-Healthy Foods (Prebiotics & Fermented Foods)

Go with your gut. Little did we know its significance then, but now in 2019, this part of your body is going to take a central role. The gut microbes affect fat storage and any wrong internal mix can lead to the stage of obesity and other health-related problems. According to the new research, gut-friendly food such as colourful, plant-based food, beans and grains will be the highlight of 2019 organic food trends.

More so, emphasis on prebiotics and fermented food will be the trend in 2019 and these include soluble fibre like oatmeal, fruits, veggies and legumes, insoluble fibre like whole grains, kidney beans and others such as broccoli, Dandelion green, asparagus, seaweed, artichoke etc. Fermented foods are in variety such as Sauerkraut- cabbage, Tempeh- traditional soy, Miso- traditional Japanese bean paste, pickles-cucumbers or other veggies, and yoghurt.


3. Low Sugar & Natural Sweeteners

The internet is filled with videos based on the latest research about how refined sugar is bad for your health and is ageing you up faster than you know. So, the latest organic food trend that is getting the most attention is the use of natural, low-sugar sweeteners which are low in calories, low in fructose and taste just like sugar. These natural sweeteners are Stevia with virtually no calories and lower high blood pressure, Erythritol- sugar alcohol found naturally in certain fruits, Xylitol with a sweetness similar to sugar and Yacon syrup popular as weight loss supplement.


4. Eating Patterns: Flexitarian/Ketogenic

This year’s most useful word- Flexitarian and its usage have turned many people towards vegetarianism. This is the style of eating that encourages plant-based proteins while allowing meat and other animal products in moderation. Many people are cutting back on meat and including plant-based food for health benefits which is a growing trend of 2019.

Alongside, Ketogenic eating patterns have become a rage in the rapidly growing fitness industry. This is the type of diet in which the real foods are low-carb, high fat and adequately protein-rich which in turn forces body to burn fats rather than carbohydrates and is a wiser diet option if you are keen to lose weight.


5. Convenient Health Food

Life is busy and you may not have enough time to prepare healthy food all the time, right? Convenient, healthy food is the perfect substitute for fitness freaks while maintaining the nutrition and being handy for a quick, ready to eat meal. Several healthy convenient foods up in the aisle of the supermarkets are now the hot trends to continue in 2019.

Health is important and your choices in 2019 should reflect that.

Make a resolution this new year to stay on the top of your health.