Floral Bliss Pack of 12 Hand crafted tea bags

Rs 419.00

We have chosen some of the best fragrant flowers from India that are distinct. This is a unique fusion of Roselle, Camomile, Lavender and Desi Gulab. The combination when infused as a drink is intensely relaxing with a pleasant aroma.

Roselle or " Hibiscus Sabdariffa " is rich in vitamin-C, giving a bright red liquor that has a unique tartness.
Camomile, a daisy-like flower is known for its sweet scent, the aroma that is distinctly sedative.
Lavender is known for its unique fragrance and detox properties that helps in relaxing muscles. It is even good for the skin health

Desi Gulab, or Indian rose, as it is commonly known, is a sweet smelling flower with a unique sweet bitter taste that is soothing to the body and mind.

Ingredients: Dried flowers. Roselle 20%, Camomile 10%, Lavender 10%, Rose petals 20%, Ginger flakes 20% and Spearmint leaves 20%