Golden Sunshine – Premium Loose leaf Oolong tea Pack of 30 grams Golden tipped Oolong tea

Rs 395.00

Teas and Figs brings to you one of the best handpicked tea leaves from Darjeeling, " The Golden Sunshine ". Made from the most delicate and sweetest leaves, this specialty tea is made from the young white buds that are plucked and sorted manually. Partially oxidized to give the leaves a unique golden hue and so carries the name Golden tips tea. This is an Oolong family tea, which is best served hot without milk, sugar or honey. Brew as suggested to allow the aroma and the taste to slowly infuse that makes a perfect smooth liquor with a brilliant amber color. You can also re-steep the leaves multiple times ( 2 - 3 times), just ensure that the liquor is emptied after each brew and leaves are stored in a closed lid cup for the next use within 3-4 hours.

Ingredients: Premium Golden tipped Oolong tea from Darjeeling