Himalayan White Cloud – Darjeeling’s Premium Loose whole leaf tea Pack of 25 grams loose leaf

Rs 240.00

Teas and Figs brings to you the best hand picked tea leaves from Darjeeling, " The Himalayan White Cloud ". The leaves are handpicked to retain the '' two leaf and a bud " look throughout the process, which gives this tea a very unique fruit aroma with notes of sweet after taste. The leaves as it appears have a mix of white unopened buds and olive green leaves which are least oxidized. We ensure that you get whole unbroken leaves to preserve these unique qualities that give you more antioxidants in every cup and make you feel more refreshed. Brew as suggested to allow the aroma and the taste to slowly infuse that makes a perfect smooth liquor without bitterness. You can also re-steep the leaves multiple times ( 2 - 3 times), just ensure that the liquor is emptied after each brew and leaves are stored in a closed lid cup for the next use within 3-4 hours.

Ingredients: Premium whole leaf tea