Home Crop's DIY Green Kit

Rs 250.00
Size: 1 piece

Each kit includes:

  • 1 Smart Grow Bag (6×6 inches)
  • 1 Seed Variety of Leafy Greens
  • Growing Medium
  • Bio-Enrichers
  • Bio-Pesticides

Better Than Plastic

  • Reusable, washable and durable
  • Bio-Degradable & BPA-Free

Better For Plants

  • Prevents root circling therefore prevents stunted growth of plants
  • Promotes air pruning of the roots
  • Increase in root structure and mass as a result promotes accelerated growth of plants and yields
  • Promotes aeration; lets beneficial microbial life thrive in growing media
  • Regulates temperature; superior insulation keeps the plants warmer in winter and cooler in summer
  • Prevents over-watering and root rot

Better For You

  • Completely flexible and mobile; can be folded and stored when not in use or carried along with you if you are moving place.
  • Handle makes it easy to carry different places around the rooftop/balcony/yard if sunlight only reaches certain areas