Nutty Yogi Multigrain Cheela Mix 400g

Rs 99.00

Food fuels our body and we all deserve to eat a good breakfast. What happens when the time is short but the hunger is on? Nutty Yogi brings a quick mix that makes cheela mixes a freshly made nutritious breakfast experience. Our Multigrain Cheela mix is made of multiple grains inspired by authentic thalipeath from the land of Maratha. Made from bajra, wheat, rice flour, poha, and spices, it is a healthy breakfast option with amazing taste. It is made with all-natural ingredients.

Ingredients :
Wheat flour 24% Bajra 12% Rice Flour 12% Besan 12% Poha 6% Ginger Green Chilli Coriander Garam Masala Powder Jeera Ajwain Chilli Powder Coriander leaves Sesame Seeds Onion and Salt.