Roasted Navratan Mix

Rs 50.00

Weight loss journey is difficult, period. To make it slightly easy and super tastier, we present to you our Roasted Navratan Mix. A mixture of nine 'anmol ratans', each with its unique nutritional and taste profile - when blended you'd go... yummm!

1. High in fiber and protein
2. Rich source of minerals and vitamins
3. No citric acid/added preservatives
4. Low fat, Guilt-free snack
5. Good for weight loss

Split Bengal gram, Moong Jor, Matar Jor, Chana Jor, Moong Dal, Chana dal, Puffed Jowar, Puffed Bajra, Poha, Chickpea - all roasted, masala seasoning, Soya bean Oil(for seasoning)