Praakritik 's Sprouted Ragi Atta

Rs 210.00
Size: 500 g

Ragi is considered a ‘superfood’ as it has approx. 10 times higher calcium content than other grains. Turning regular ragi grains into “sprouted ragi” can have some pretty intriguing nutritional benefits. The process of germination and sprouting Ragi increases calcium levels by almost 20%(1). In addition to this, the body can absorb more calcium easily, because sprouting reduces anti-nutrients which otherwise lock up minerals and are hard to be digested by the body.

Key Health Benefits:-

Increased Bioavailability of Iron and better absorption,Increased levels of antioxidants,Increased Levels of B12,Rise in Protein content,Eliminates Starch in a Higher Extent.

Shelf Life: 270 days