Superfine Green Tea – Loose leaf Pack of 45 Grams – Loose leaf Green tea

Rs 210.00

Teas and Figs brings to you the Super fine Green Tea sourced from the gardens of Siliguri, situated at the base of the Himalayan mountains in the plains of Darjeeling District by the side of River Mahananda.

Tender tea leaves are handpicked along with delicate stems, steamed and carefully rolled before they are dried to arrest the oxidation. Due to the least oxidation you will have a light vegetal aroma that is slightly astringent with light green infusion, which is the typical quality of green tea that is least processed unlike the black teas that are completely oxidized to give strong flavor. Just ensure that you brew as suggested to allow the original light aroma to infuse slowly and to avoid unwanted bitterness to steep in. You can also infuse the leaves again as per your taste.

Ingredients: Super Fine Green Tea,  loose Leaf