Terra Greens Organic’s Peanuts 1kg

Rs 299.00
Size: 1 kg
Peanuts along with beans and peas are members of the legume family which are the best sources of protein in the plant kingdom. Peanuts are found in a wide variety of products and they can be eaten salted, dry roasted, boiled and even raw. Peanuts can be found in peanut brittle, peanut butter and candy bars and is often a major ingredient in mixed nuts.

Some of the benefits of Peanuts are that they help Promote Fertility (Folate), Aid in Blood Sugar Regulation (Manganese), Help Prevent Gallstones, Help Fight Depression (Tryptophan), Boosts Memory Power (Vitamin B3), Help Lower Cholesterol Levels (Copper), Lower Risk of Heart Disease and Protect Against Age-related Cognitive Decline (Vitamin B2).

Terra Green's Peanuts is certified under NPOP AND NOP standards of organic certification.