Dance with the Season, Eat with Some Reason

Dance with the Season, Eat with Some Reason

Seasonal fruits and vegetables may have been elbowed out by modern assembly lines and fertilizer sprays; but they, along with organic fare, are making a huge comeback. Do not miss on this fresh wagon this time.

Seasonal vegetables and fruits bring a different power and gift by being there for a limited period – for a reason. Similarly, seasonal organic fruits and vegetables wipe away all that processing and preservation that run the unseasonal stuff industry. Once humanity started moving away from the source of food production (farms), the need for transport and preservatives arose, to keep the produce fresh. Now add the lucrativeness of the urban phenomenon where imported produce is sold in supermarkets with the efficacy of high-end marketing. The market today is flooded with fruits from across the seven seas, kept intact with artificial coatings, sprays, and modern storage techniques.

Eating organic means eating something right out of the farm, without any chemicals that otherwise enter one after another in inorganic food when inorganic produce rolls out of a pesticide-sprayed farm.

Picking seasonal and organic food as your first choice has several benefits:

  • Seasonal means what you eat is pretty much fresh and very low on processing. This means the nutrients it packs are in place and not diminished in factories.
  • Shopping and pricing also get to work to your advantage due to an ample supply that being seasonal offers on a given seasonal vegetable or fruit.
  • Taste and texture also get so much better than what you look for in a can or in something that comes with a label.
  • Changing your diet as per the season offers a wider spread of fruits and veggies which incidentally supply the body’s changed the need for new vitamins and nutrients. Seasonal foods eliminate the need to pop up nutrient tablets.
  • Farmers get to gain from your preferences instead of factories and food distribution industry that you have been bloating all this while. You contribute to better demand, sustainable practices, and a better planet-balance.
  • Presence of super-foods with lots of antioxidants, phytonutrients, vitamins, minerals, folate, and carotenes has a higher probability of being found in seasonal food rather than in non-seasonal ones.
  • Your diet and food lifestyle also lean toward balance and health with a seasonal choice and without too much effort.
  • The color and flavor are also high when you pick local sourcing over long-chain distribution. Refrigeration, gas, radiation, and transportation are intended to keep the germs away and stretch the life of food on shelves but, alas, they also wipe the nutrition away.
  • The sheer variety and possibility in the kitchen of surprising yourself and your loved ones with new recipes and formats– that is simply incredible!
  • Every season caters to your specific body needs and constraints that apply for that particular season and weather. Nature has its way of curing and building our bodies. Let her take its course with the use of seasonal food.
  • Contribute less to use of herbicides, pesticides and harmful chemicals such as methyl bromide. Stop fretting about pollution, start fighting it in subtle ways as well by picking a wise and responsible food choice.
  • Enjoy juices, soups, fun dishes and wholesome recipes that come out easily with seasonal vegetables and fruits.
  • It is time to get close to your granny and learn some fun pickles. That’s only when you pick seasonal stuff and in bulk.

So start rethinking your choices. Organic food is a sign that preservatives and processing that has taken over our modern food regimen can, at least, be reduced to some extent. This is a win-win for our bodies too. Seasonal food gives you a chance to align your own rhythm better with how nature intended it. Lean closer to what is natural, seasonal and smart. Look for alternatives that are right around you and available at the tip of a finger. Getting seasonal and organic fruits and veggies may not be that easy. But has made an incredible headway into this. They offer organic veggies and fruits right from their own farms and specific tie-ups with organic growers.  

Enjoy a juicy apple in winter and not in summer when it would have spent its youth in a wrapped box in a supermarket. It will taste way better.

Go ahead, keep the doctor away.

Go organic. Go seasonal.