Terra Green - Himalayan Pink Rock Salt

Rock On, this is Pink Salt!

The benefits of pink rock salt outweigh what you get out of normal salt. So next time, take life with a pinch of pink rock salt.

What is life and food without a grain of salt, right? But nowadays, as stress and lifestyle pressures take a toll on health easily, one has to be wary of what kind of salt one takes to season one’s food. Because hey, it is not just something that you sprinkle on your plate or pan. It is more than a flavor-enhancer or preservative. It is something that profoundly impacts your whole body and brain.

Salt is composed of sodium chloride, and that applies to both table salt and rock salt. Sodium is what salt supplies as an essential mineral needed by our bodies, especially for maintaining fluid balance and nerve signaling. But there is a reason that rock salt is slightly more expensive and hard to grab. It is better in terms of health benefits.

Table salt, the white and colourless powder we usually take, is usually refined to remove impurities found from underground sources of salt. Calcium and potassium, hence, tend to get removed as impurities. But these are important minerals too, just like sodium. Plus, there are additives and anti-caking agents that go into table salt so that the clumping tendency of this salt, resulting from being heavily ground, can be controlled. On the other hand, rock salt, with its pink crystals, provides sodium chloride in mineral form. It is also devoid of chemicals that table salt is often packed with. Without the refining process, the nutrients available here are even more in number and quality.

Getting closer to pink rock salt

Pink salt owes its tint, texture, and qualities to the presence of iron oxide and traces of magnesium, iron, potassium, and zinc. Interestingly, pink salt can have a higher content of these minerals but lower of sodium when compared to table salt despite the same composition of sodium chloride. This happens because the sodium here is in the form of crystals, hence less sodium per teaspoon. That is what makes it go up on health benefits and, often, a recommendation by health experts.


The benefits of going pink

Minerals are essential to maintaining a lot of activities and balance of our body salts is an integral part of one’s plate no matter where you live and eat. It is the purest form of salt possible and better because of less processing and refining.

The salt helps because:

  • It maintains pH balance within body cells
  • Is a reliable help for vascular health and muscle soothing
  • Improves metabolism, circulation, and hydration
  • Good in combating cramps, sinus, respiratory problems
  • Helps in weight loss
  • Is a good bone-strengthening aid
  • Stimulates circulation and manages blood pressure
  • Help get healthy skin with many nourishing materials and skin-friendly properties
  • Detoxifies body and skin

It is always better to choose a healthier option when it comes to any food or life choice.  The American Heart Association suggests an intake of sodium that is no more than 1500 mg/day. Pink rock salt is not as commonly available as the regular table salt. One of the credible sources is Greenstation.co which procures it from Terra Greens and their Himalayan rock salt is certified under the NPOP and NOP standards of organic certification.

Always have a composite view of how you eat, live, exercise and work. Health is always a daily habit than a one-day shopping switch that you feel good about. Respect your body and what goes inside it.

Pick smart and stay pink.