Tea Breaks that Don’t Break You: Relaxing Organic Teas

Tea Breaks that Don’t Break You: Relaxing Organic Teas

For most people across the globe, tea is not a beverage but a choice; a way of life and a moment of respite from the mind-numbing stress of work. Being the second most consumed beverage in the world after water, the tea delivers health benefits and at least 3 cups a day is as good as drinking plenty of water, according to the researches. But the question is what cup of tea would be able to provide you with that benefit.

A number of conventional consumers of tea are now switching to organic teas after knowing the harmful effects of the fertilisers and chemicals that are used for the growth of the tea leaves. A single cup of organic tea is said to offer a rich taste and fuller benefits upon consumption.

From China, the roots of tea have spread globally with people from different ethnicity, culture, background and race sipping the elixir of life. Do you know that the tea leaves are dried and processed from the Camellia Sinensis species of plant and when added to hot water makes the tea? With its widespread demand, herbal teas have also emerged as the game changer of beverages with the inculcation of flowers, herbs, spices and roots besides other parts of the plant to the leaves. These teas are aromatic, carry different taste and serve as a perfect relaxant.

For various ailments or worries, there are teas available in the market. You have to choose likewise to be able to cure yourself of a number of diseases, find relief or merely enjoy the taste and aroma. From white, green, oolong and black, the teas differ in their harvesting and drying process.

The young leaves when picked up at an early stage, before the buds are opened form white tea which is the rarest type of tea and is so, expensive as well. This type of tea is kept close to its natural state with minimal processing and so, this type of tea is beneficial to fight against viral and bacterial infections, prevent cavities and tooth decay and helps to fight the cancer cells.

The most popular drink worldwide is Green Tea. Its mild and non-oxidized as it is made from only the bud of the leaf and the top two leaves, simply withered, roasted or dried for final use. This tea is rich in antioxidants and so delivers a number of benefits such as preventing cancer, reducing blood pressure and cholesterol, preventing viral infections, slowing down the ageing process, fat loss and improving stress tolerance among many.

Each of the tea variants contains flavonoids that have anti-cancer properties and antioxidant compounds. Pick up any bag of organic tea and you will find benefits associated with it. A number of herbal, organic teas are now available in the market for delivering goodness, health benefits and excellence in a single cup.

Explore these teas today:

Chamomile tea: Part of the daisy flower family, chamomile flower is added to the leaves which help in treating mouth ulcers, insomnia, heartburn, gastrointestinal problems, and menstrual cramps and stimulates the digestive system.

Ginger Tea: Using the Rhizome or the root of the plant to the tea leaves, Ginger Tea popular in Asia, Africa and Europe for its various health benefits. Ginger, being one of the richest spices when added to tea tends to cure or prevent asthma, vomiting, heart disease, migraine, headache, motion sickness, cold, flu, morning sickness and ulcers. These are now available in combination with Tulsi and other herbs too.

Cinnamon Tea: Pinch of this spicy flavour makes the tea refreshing, flavorful and boosts energy. Cinnamon stick or powder is added to the tea that makes it the powerhouse of antioxidants, helps in weight management, treats virus infection, prevents type2 diabetes and gives a radiant, youthful skin. Don’t just stick to the plain version. Explore Cinnamon tea with a combination of Indian rose and others.

Besides the teas mentioned above, you can enjoy jasmine tea, tulsi or basil tea, cardamom tea, lemongrass tea, hibiscus tea, turmeric tea, peppermint tea, red clover tea and various others that are rich in health benefits, aroma and an ethereal taste.

If you are a tea enthusiast, you know how drinking only one type of tea constantly can bore you down sometimes and even make you run into a guilty trip because of the excessive habit. But with these natural organically produced teas, you are not only in the safe zone; you can even build vitality as you satiate your craving for that much-needed tea.

Take a tea break and enjoy the new company.