Why Add Quinoa to Your Daily Life

Why Add Quinoa to Your Daily Life

Keen-Wah or Ke-No-Ah is undeniably racing towards the race to become the next queen of breakfast. As a healthy food option, it is doing great so far with many people from across the globe replacing their regular meals with quinoa-based dishes. True to its health benefits, it has earned the title of ‘superfood’ or ‘super grain’.

Quinoa is basically seeds of the flowering plant that belongs to the amaranth family. It is gluten-free plus a valuable source of protein, with a good amount of fibre and minerals. It has the composition quite similar to wheat or rice when cooked. It is available in different forms such as White Quinoa, Red Quinoa, Black Quinoa, Flakes, and Flour.

Here’s why you should add quinoa to your daily life.

  • A powerhouse of Nutrition: The quinoa seeds are rich in fibre, Vitamins B and E and other minerals such as iron, magnesium, phosphorous, calcium and potassium. The powerhouse of nutrition, they are also gluten-free with a low glycemic index which makes them a perfect fit for diabetics and the gluten intolerant.
  • Begin the day with enthusiasm: The quinoa seeds are brimming with antioxidants and healthy minerals such as iron and magnesium which have tremendous effects on your metabolic health. Starting the day with ready to make Quinoa Upma or organic Quinoa will kick-start your metabolism giving you energy for the day’s work.
  • For a great body: Insert organic quinoa granola in your diet along with the gym diet and see your body transforming for good. This food has a higher degree of fibres than most grains and seeds and so based on the study, one cup of quinoa that contains 2.5 grams of soluble fibre will help in weight loss. Also, the compound that helps to control weight called 20-hydroxyecdysone present in quinoa helps burn more calories.
  • For a healthy heart: We will not get into the science of it, but quinoa lowers the levels of bad cholesterol which means it reduces the risk of coronary heart disease and atherosclerosis. Who would not want a healthy heart?
  • Stay young: Have you wondered why all the celebrities and health freaks are promoting quinoa on their social media platforms? Enriched with B vitamins that treat age spots and skin pigmentation, this element interacts with vitamin B12 to maintain a healthy skin complexion. Added to the seeds is vitamin B3 that helps soothe acne and red, inflamed areas. The benefits for the skin don’t stop here. Infused with vitamin A that delays the ageing process, riboflavin that improves skin elasticity, quinoa has antioxidants in abundant and that are responsible for a glowing and healthy, radiant skin.
  • Save from Cancer: Harvard University has stated that one bowl of quinoa consumed daily can reduce the risk of premature death by cancer and also, a Polish study has mentioned that the quinoa leaves exert chemopreventive and anticancer effects if consumed. So basically, quinoa may act as a saviour during cancer.
  • Treat anaemia: For all those people who are suffering from low anaemia can add life to your days by adding quinoa to your daily food dish. Around one cup of cooked organic quinoa contains 15% of the daily requirement of iron that is 3 mg. Plus, the presence of riboflavin aids haemoglobin formation that is required for anaemic patients.
  • For the sheen on your head: Do you know that the protein that is available in high-quality hair products is extracted from quinoa? So, if you are consuming this grain directly, the nine essential amino acids are helping as natural strengtheners and protecting the hair shaft while promoting hair growth and repairing damaged hair. Also, if you are suffering from dandruff, this superfood is your saviour which if used in hair pack will help you fight its formation on your scalp.

Unlike brown rice, it takes just about 15 minutes to cook quinoa. The most common quinoa found in the market is white, red and black variants that are available in ready-to-make mixes for healthy breakfast.

Embrace the superfood that you always dreamed of.